Math games for Grade 2, to play online, suitable for 7 and 8 year olds (Year 3 or KS2 in UK). Second graders learn numbers, addition, subtraction and multiplication or division. Learn the concept of fraction and ratio, geometry and other mathematical concepts suitable for this age group, with these free first grade math games. 

At the age of 7, children are normally in Grade 2. In mathematics, the range of numbers known is further extended. 2nd graders could count and differentiate up to 200, at this age the known hundreds continue to expand, which in turn allows for more complex arithmetic operations and problems to be solved.

For second graders, mathematical logic begins to be used in mathematics, which is why this stage is so important. Logic can be the key to solving some mathematical problems for children on Grade 2.

In addition, in arithmetic, they begin to multiply, and the complexity of subtraction increases, which is now done by carrying.

As for geometry, once polygons are differentiated, they begin to learn concepts related to them, such as the sides and vertices of the different mathematical geometric figures.