Frequently asked questions

When a game doesn’t load, there are many reasons for this. We recommend you to follow a few steps:

  • Reload the page. Refresh the content, you can use the F5 or CTRL + F5 commands. Sometimes the game gets stuck and needs to be restarted. 
  • Check that you don’t have an ad blocker installed, or disable it on Cokitos. Many games will not work if you have an Adblocker in your browser. We recommend that you add Cokitos to the list of sites where the ad blocker will not run. 
  • Enable cookies in your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari or your browser). In the browser options, in the security sections, enable third-party cookies so that all games can run. Here is the help for some browsers:
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Edge
  • Firefox 
  • If it still doesn’t work, send us an email to hello @ cokitos .es and report the error.

Cokitos is a great search engine for educational and fun games for children and adults, and collects games from different providers. Some games, to a lesser extent, are from Cokitos, such as Pasapalabra or some 2048. The rest are collaborations and games from distributors with whom we have an agreement, such as:

  • Arcademics
  • Digipuzzle
  • Lofgames
  • Kizi
  • Kiz10
  • Mathnook
  • Softgames

If you incur in the improper use of any trademark by including any of these third party materials, please write to us at the email address and tell us the issue to proceed to the removal of such games.

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