Online Math Games for Grade 1

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Online Math Games for GRADE 1

Online maths games for Grade 1, for 6 and 7 year olds. Number games, addition, subtraction and other mathematical concepts suitable for this age group.

At the age of 6, at Grade 1, children face a very important stage in school, being the first year of primary school.

During this first year at school, first graders expand the range of numbers they know, going as far as the hundred or hundreds.

In terms of arithmetic, they can do simple unaccompanied subtraction, but it is more complex than in their previous pre-school years. As for addition, at the age of 6 they can add 3-digit numbers.

They will broaden their knowledge of geometry, becoming familiar with all kinds of geometric figures.

In addition to this more mathematical knowledge, 1st graders work a lot on memory, compare sizes, learn synonyms and opposites, and know the calendar, the days of the week and the time.