✅ Educational games for 3 year olds online. Free online learning activities for teaching and learning. These free games for kids are computer games, interactive in nature and online to play, no download needed! PC Games are ideal to be used with children as a complement in learning, to reinforce the dynamics of teaching, by parents and teachers in the classroom or at home.

Free online educational activities for 3 year old boys and girls in preschool education, also called kindergarten. Young children stop being babies and begin to think creatively to solve problems at this age of three years. Although one of the most important senses at this age is touch, we can take advantage of these interactive activities to stimulate this creativity, in kindergarten or at home. Enjoy these virtual children’s games for 3 year olds, or include, as a teacher, these games in your classroom dynamics, online, without the need to download materials to your students’ computers or tablets. And they are free.

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What do children learn at age 3?

At age 3, toddlers are at a crucial developmental stage where they are rapidly learning about the world around them. Here are some of the concepts and skills that children this age can learn in different areas with fun, age-appropriate play:
  • Language: By age 3, children can speak in complete sentences and understand the meaning of basic words. They can follow simple directions, ask questions and participate in simple conversations. They can also learn new words and build their vocabulary. In the classroom, they can learn letters, starting with vowels.
  • Math: At this age, children can begin to understand simple math concepts, such as counting to 10, identifying colors and shapes, and understanding the idea of “more” and “less”. They can also begin to learn about sequence and pattern.
  • Visual discrimination: 3-year-olds can begin to distinguish between different shapes, sizes and colors. They can also begin to understand the idea of one-to-one correspondence, which means that an object has a partner or equal.
  • Attention: 3-year-olds can focus on a task for a short period of time and can follow a sequence of activities. However, they can still be easily distracted and need guidance to maintain focus on an activity.
  • Society: 3-year-olds can begin to understand the idea of social rules and expectations, such as appropriate behavior in public and the importance of sharing. They can also begin to grasp the idea of social relationships and how to interact with other children and adults.
  • Science: 3-year-olds can begin to explore the natural world and learn about nature and animals. They can also begin to understand simple science concepts, such as gravity and cause and effect.