MATHPUP Adventures 3

More fun with MathPup Adventures 3, math adventures in an online game. Get the canine pet MathPup to the exit in each level by solving basic addition and subtraction problems, as well as avoiding hazards. MathPup will have to catch the correct number to solve the highlighted problem. Jump and double jump to get through the levels and jump on the mushrooms to change the highlighted problem. And don't forget that you can activate the No Hazards Mode to reduce the hazards found in each level. Use the arrow keys or the on-screen buttons to move left, right and jump. Press the up arrow key twice to jump twice. When you jump over the mushrooms, the next problem on the list will appear. The blue mushrooms are for single use only. Once all the numbers are correctly placed, the exit key will appear. Get it to open the exit and then take MathPup to the exit.

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MATHPUP Adventures 3
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