About us

Cokogames is part of Cokitos, a web that emerges in 2012 with the aim of collecting educational games from different organizations, with a clear purpose of grouping resources in one place to facilitate their accessibility to teachers and parents. The web has spaces for ads whose benefits allow to maintain the costs of the website, being the access to the contents free, something that seems to us fundamental so that any boy or girl of the world with a connection to Internet can have access to educative resources. 

The founder and editor of the web is Rocio Gonzalez, owner of the domain, located in Salamanca, a Spanish city. Rocio has a degree in physics and a master’s degree in education with a specialization in mathematics from the University of Salamanca. Her passion for the digital world and children’s education helps her to know well the learning of the different stages, which facilitates the selection, classification and construction of this website with third party materials. 

The name of the website comes from the nickname Rocio received from her mother when she was a child, “Cokito” and “Coko”. 

The games shown on the web are not her own, and most of them are the result of collaborations with educational video game creators and game platforms. Some games are the result of specific requests from users, when we see a need for learning on the web that we can meet.

We are still looking for partners with good content, so if you want us to publish your game, please contact us. 

If you have any comments about a game, or we have  included a game that violates copyright, please contact us and we will remove it immediately. We do not intend to harm any brand or person.


The mission of this website is to make educational content accessible to people all over the world, especially to those who are most at risk of educational exclusion. With an internet connection, anyone can access the web and interact with many contents to learn to count, add, read, English, reasoning, and many other knowledge of different subjects such as science, social, art or music.   

Our current goal is to change all Flash games to HTML5 format games so that they continue to work in 2021.