What is Cokogames?

Cokogames is a website that emerged in 2020 with the aim of compiling educational games from different organizations, with a clear purpose of grouping educational and interactive resources in one place, to facilitate their accessibility. Cokogames comes from the website cokitos.com/en/, english version of cokitos.com, a website whose origin dates back to 2011.

Who is the creator of Cokogames?

Cokogames has been created by Rocío González, a digital professional with a strong didactic vocation and knowledge in technology. Aware of the positive aspects that games bring to learning and competencies, she daily seeks games that can provide some form of cognitive improvement and makes them accessible to all who can benefit from them. In her childhood, Rocío discovered in games a source of learning. Although this learning was different from the conventional kind acquired in school, solving puzzles and seeking solutions in games nurtured her critical thinking, spatial visualization skills, logical reasoning, and other cross-cutting competencies. Conscious of the importance this had in her development, her Cokitos project hosts games of all kinds, including skill, action, and attention games. As an anecdote, Rocío would even dream of solutions to some Sokoban puzzles she played on her Nintendo console. Rocío holds a degree in physics and a master’s degree in mathematics teaching. She also has studies in Computer Science, Big Data, and business. Her master’s thesis focused on teaching mathematics through infographics and received an Outstanding rating. Although her vocation was to become a math teacher, she has pursued her professional activity in the field of SEO and digital marketing with large companies. As of today, Rocío currently handles almost all tasks related to the educational portal, including website programming, technical server maintenance, category taxonomy, content writing and publishing, graphic design, web analytics, vendor management, and more.
Rocío González Martín

What is the origin of the name 'Cokitos'?

Cokitos is the affectionate nickname given to Rocío, its creator, when she was very young. Her mother called her Cokito and Coko. Cokogames is an adaptation of Cokitos into English.

When was the Cokitos website created?

In 2011, Rocío started to design a games website, initially called Dalejuegos, focused on all kinds of audiences. In 2012, part of the content was migrated to the domain educativos.info, selecting only those games for learning purposes, and finally in 2014 the domain cokitos.com was created. For some years this domain has hosted content in other languages, but for some years now each language has had its own domain, with the Coquinhos.com, Cokogames.com and Cokojeux.com websites existing in parallel, in Portuguese, English and French respectively.

What is the purpose of Cokitos and Cokogames?

Cokitos does not pretend to be an autonomous learning method; its purpose is to be a complement to the formal learning that takes place at school or at home. Our mission is to facilitate access to teachers, parents and children, so that they can enrich their teaching and learning with games. The type of game we propose is about working on general skills such as digital skills, comprehension, autonomous learning and frustration tolerance, in addition to the usual maths, language, science and other skills.

We would like Cokitos and Cokogames to be used in classrooms and at home to stimulate, teach or reinforce content of many kinds, combining multiple competences and intelligences.

Who can use Cokogames?

Cokogames is oriented for all ages: from kindergarten children (mainly using tablets and visual games), primary education (5 – 12 years old approximately) and secondary education children (12-15 years old). Cokogames is a platform that is also used by speech therapists and teachers of children with some learning difficulties. Likewise, our platform is useful for adults and elderly people who need to train their mental abilities and to prevent neurodegenerative diseases.