WORDLE Game Online
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Wordle game to play online in order to compound words, similar to Lingo game. The 5-letter words you type don't have to exist as words or appear in the dictionary. Use your strategy to guess the word. Write words with meaning and look at the letters that are coloured yellow and green. If they are in green, the letters belong to the word and are in the right place in the word. Letters in yellow symbolise that the word has this letter but in a different position in the word. Enjoy Wordle, learn words and find out what the word is by getting the 5 letters of the word in green. Guess the Wordle word in each level.

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  • Katrina

    Tried this impossible game yet again I came up with the word LEVEL and the central letter ‘v’ was wrong , the ‘e’s were right and the outside letters were both yellow ‘L’s. Now, what sort of word was the answer? Also had a further word that was ..o,u Exactly what English dictionary is being used here? I am fluent in the language being born and raised in Scotland. With this version of Worldle, even after exhausting all your chances of completing the game, you are not given the answer. So, as far as I am concerned this game is rubbish and best avoided.

  • Bill

    Impossible to play. The letter colouring leads to impossible words and it doesn’t even tell you the correct answer at the end.

  • Katrina

    I agree with Carol, there are too many discrepancies in this lookalike Wordle game. Some letters stay yellow when they should be green making it impossible to create a recognisable word.


    Great that Wordle is included in your collection of games! In nearly every game I have tried to play, I end up in the impossible situation that the green and yellow coloring leads to the conclusion that, for example, three contiguous Ss or Ds, are needed to solve the puzzle. In the original version of Wordle, this never happens. Is this a conscious change in the rules or a programming glitch?



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