Timbiriche: Game of Dots

The online Timbiriche game is a digital version of the popular pencil and paper game in which two or more players take turns connecting dots on a board of lines. The object of the game is to form complete squares by connecting four adjacent lines. How to play Timbiriche? In the online Timbiriche game, players can connect from anywhere in the world and play in real time. Each player has an assigned color and takes turns drawing a line between two points on the board, with the goal of closing a square and earning points. If a player completes a square, they can write their initial inside the square to indicate that they have closed it and earn a point. Play continues until all possible lines have been drawn on the board and all squares have been completed. A.K.A. (also known as): Dots and Boxes, Boxes, Squares, paddocks, square-it, Dots and Dashes, Smart Dots, Dot Boxing, Dot Game.

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Timbiriche: Game of Dots
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