TENDO: Math Tetris (Make 10)

Tendo is a math tetris game that consists of placing die faces on the grid, with value from 1 to 6, trying to add 10 in a row or column to make it disappear and score points. Place the pieces on the grid, which can contain one die face, two faces, 3 or 4 faces. Click the piece on the right of the screen and drag it to the board. The Tendo game helps you by showing you the sums of each row or column in the header (orange messages). Add 10 in rows and columns by choosing well the pieces with dice faces and their placement, playing with numbers and sums to make tetris and complete the lines by adding 10. If you don't do the sums correctly, soon the board or grid will be full of dice faces but you won't be able to place any more and you will have lost the game.

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TENDO: Math Tetris (Make 10)
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