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🌶️🌶️ Play Fireboy and Watergirl 6 now, the latest official version. 

✅ Fire and Water games or FireBoy and WaterGirl online games to play free and online with these two complementary characters, red and blue, the water girl  and the fire boy. Control these two characters and collect gems and precious stones along the way, controlling these natural elements and always keeping in mind the properties of fire and water. Enjoy the FRIV Fire and Water games. Combine their powers to make a powerful team and enjoy the challenges in the different Fire and Water installments on the platform screens, running and jumping, operating the levers to reach the goal with Fireboy and Watergirl. 

Games similar to Fireboy and Watergirl

Here are some alternatives to Fire boy and Water girl: 

Red Boy and Blue Girl: Forest Maze

Play with the Red Boy and Blue Girl characters in this FRIV game where you control two characters. Each character has different powers and missions,

Red Boy and Blue Girl 2

Second episode of the Red Boy and Blue Girl saga, similar to FireBoy and WaterGirl. In this chapter, the protagonists have heard about a treasure

RedBoy and BlueGirl

RedBoy and BlueGirl game, the main game of this platform adventure saga with two characters to control in the game, with different powers. A game

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