Fireboy and Watergirl unblocked games are online platform puzzles to solve adventures in cooperation with another player. These are free online FRIV games not blocked. These challenges can be based on different mechanics, from laser beams to slimy pits and jammed doors. New mechanics and puzzles add excitement to each new installment of the series. Fireboy is immune to fire but vulnerable to water, while Watergirl is immune to water but vulnerable to fire. This dynamic creates a constant need for cooperation between the two characters.

The original Fireboy and Watergirl 1 game was an unparalleled success and kicked off a collection of games whose popularity has only grown. Each of the following games features a themed temple that makes creative use of elements such as light, ice and crystals.

Who are the characters in Fireboy and Watergirl?
The relationship between Fireboy and Watergirl remains open to interpretation. However, Fireboy and Watergirl are two elemental characters with strengths and weaknesses that complement each other perfectly. At times, Fireboy will have to take the lead in solving puzzles, and at other times Watergirl will be the better for the task.

Fire Boy
The Fire boy can walk on fire and collect red diamonds. He is also slightly stronger than the Water girl. His weaknesses are water and green humor.

Water Girl
The Water girl can walk on water and collect blue diamonds. She is also very agile. The Water girl’s weaknesses are fire lakes and green humor.

Alternate Names
Fireboy and Watergirl is also known as lava boy and water girl, ice girl and fireboy.