Symmetry Drawing Game Online: Complete a Symmetrical Design
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Playing: Symmetry Drawing Game Online: Complete a Symmetrical Design on COKOGAMES


A game of drawing symmetry on the grid, given a pattern, according to axial symmetry. An online game of painting or coloring pixels until you get the symmetrical drawing. Click on each of the squares successively until it has the same color as the symmetrical square. Choose the color first, and then apply it to the pixels of the missing colored part. In the next level, there will also be symmetry on other axes. How do you check your answer? Click on 'check' whe you finish, and if it is correct, the game tells you that and activates the green key to make another symmetrical drawing. Tips and Tricks: click and drag to paint pictures very fast. The disadvantage is that you can make mistakes but you also acquire skills with the mouse.

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