BLINKY 2: Blinky’s Adventure

Blinky's Adventure 2 is an online computer and programming game to program a robot to collect coins, the house key, and open the houses. Program the instructions on the right to move the robot, use the walk ("WALK") or open ("UNLOCK") commands, and make the robot move the number of squares you tell it to move in the chosen direction: up, down, left and right. Use the "walk" instruction to move forward, and determine the direction with "up", "right", "left" and "down", clicking the button to change its value. The goal is to reach the green square. In each level there are different functions besides opening the door, for example popping a balloon. Also, use the counter to loop and repeat the same action several times with a single line of Blinky's programming in this Digipuzzle computer game.

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BLINKY 2: Blinky’s Adventure
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