River Crossing Riddles

River Crossing Riddles

River Crossing Riddles are online problem challenges to solve in order to cross the river with the main characters of each riddle. The game starts with the challenge, traditionally the problem of the shepherd with the wolf, the goat and the cabbage. In this game this challenge has a shepherd, a tiger, a sheep and a carrot. You must use the mouse and cross with the shepherd and two of the three elements, so that they don't eat each other and you cross the river with all 4 elements correctly. The next challenge has 4 soldiers, one arrogant, one lazy and two brave. The lazy one never wants to be alone and the arrogant one does not want to be accompanied in the boat. Use the boat, which supports two soldiers, to get everyone across the river. Solve these challenges or problems, logic puzzles with a few rules to get across the river with the characters in each one.

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River Crossing Riddles

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