River Crossing Riddles

River Crossing Riddles are online problem logic challenges to solve. Use arrow up/down to read the instructions of each challenge. INSTRUCTIONS: A farmer wants to cross river and take with him a tiger, a sheep and a carrot. Rules:

  1. The farmer is the only one who can steer the raft. He can only take one passenger (The tiger, The Sheep, or the carrot) in addition to himself.
  2. If the tiger and the sheep are alone on the same riverbank, the tiger will eat the sheep.
  3. If the sheep and the Carrot are alone on the same bank, the sheep will eat the carrot.
How can the farmer get the tiger, the sheep and the carrot across the river?

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River Crossing Riddles
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  • Smily Verma

    We are not able to see whole instructions of game

    • rocigm

      Hi! We have added some pictures with the instructions of the first challenge in the Screen Shoots section. We have also copied the text into the description. However, to read the instructions in the game, use the up and down arrows to show it in full when they appear on the screen. Thanks!



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