RATIO MARTIAN: Identifying Ratios/Fractions – Arcademics

👾 Ratio Martian: Identify Fractions with the Martian is the online educational math game by Arcademics: "Ratio Martian". The objective of the game is to help the Martian to eat fractions, differentiating them in the expressions that appear on the screen. Identify the fractions, ratios or proportions, expressed in different ways: as a fraction: 1/3; as a proportion: 1:3; or as a literal (English mathematical expression) 1 to 3. Learn the different ways to express a fraction and help the Martian in space to eat all of them. Watch the results and learn from the mistakes at the end of each level.

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RATIO MARTIAN: Identifying Ratios/Fractions – Arcademics
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