ASTRONAUT Fractions and Decimals
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Playing: ASTRONAUT Fractions and Decimals on COKOGAMES


ASTRONAUT Fractions and Decimals: In this educational game for learning fractions a number line appears, which has a starting number and an ending number, establishing the interval of work at each level. The children have to read the instruction below, which asks them to place the astronaut on the number line at the requested decimal number or fraction. Click on the place you think is correct, the rocket will appear in the exact position when you have placed the astronaut near the landing area. In the simplest levels you work with fractions smaller than unity, and in higher levels (change the difficulty in the configuration wheel) you work with improper fractions and decimal numbers. Fractions are learned at the age of 9, so it can be an ideal fraction problem set for children aged 10 to 12.

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