PAC-XON Pacman 2024

Enter PacXon Pacman 2024, New Realms, the highly anticipated sequel to the 2007 classic, PacXon Deluxe. Explore 192 challenging levels across 4 different locations. Dodge enemies while conquering territory in this exciting twist on the classic arcade game. Enjoy a revamped user interface, fresh soundtrack and nostalgic pixelated animations. Plus, unlock 4 to 6 unique character skins per location. Get ready for a captivating adventure full of new features and fun. Instructions: Create walls by passing over the dots and close the loop to capture the area inside. In each level, you must capture at least 80% of the field to win. Check the progress bar at the top to see your progress. Be careful with the ghost mines: if they touch an unfinished wall, you lose a life. Each enemy follows a specific movement pattern. Watch carefully and move between them without getting hit. Keep your eyes open for candy; each of these power-ups provides a unique temporary upgrade.

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PAC-XON Pacman 2024
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