Online Cuisenaire Rods

Online Cuisenaire Rods

Online Cuisenaire Rods is an interactive activity to propose activities with these blocks of different lengths. What colors are the Cuisenaire strips? The 1 is white, the 2 is red, the 3 is light green, the 4 is pink, the 5 is yellow, the 6 is dark green, the 7 is black, the 8 is brown, the 9 is blue and the 10 is orange. What can be learned with the Cuisenaire rulers? They can be used to support mathematical learning, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division operations, demonstrating the Pythagorean theorem, understanding powers, fractions or square roots by visualizing with Cuisenaire rulers that represent numbers with colors. Resource: Cuisenaire Environment from

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Online Cuisenaire Rods
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