At age 4, children continue their learning about numbers and numeration/counting. At this age, they usually learn to recognize and name the numbers 1 to 10, both in written and oral form. They also begin to understand the concept of counting objects and associating numbers with quantities.

Some of the number-related concepts that 4-year-olds can learn include:

  • Number recognition: at this age, children can learn to recognize numbers from 1 to 10, both visually and aurally. They can identify number symbols and associate them with the corresponding quantity.
  • Counting: 4-year-olds can learn to count objects in sequence, assigning a number to each object counted. They can also learn to count forward and backward.
  • Quantity-number association: At this age, children can learn to associate numbers with quantities. They may understand that the number 3 represents three objects or that the number 5 represents a quantity greater than the number 2.
  • Number order and number sequence: 4-year-olds can begin to understand number order and number sequence. They can learn to count in ascending and descending order, and recognize the position of a number in a sequence.

There are several online number and numeration games that can help 4-year-olds learn and practice these number concepts. Here are some examples:

  • Counting games: these games allow children to practice counting objects in an interactive way. They can count objects in a scene, select the correct number of objects, or complete a number series.
  • Number recognition games: These games help children recognize and associate numbers with their written form and corresponding quantity. They can drag and drop numbers into their correct place or match numbers with pictures that represent the corresponding quantity.
  • Number order and sequence games: These games challenge children to order numbers in the correct sequence, either ascending or descending. They can also help children identify the missing number in a number sequence.
  • Quantity-number association games: These games allow children to associate numbers with quantities. They can count objects and select the corresponding number or match numbers with pictures that represent the correct quantity.

⚠️ It is important to choose online number and numeration games that are age-appropriate, interactive, and visually appealing. In addition, it is critical to supplement online games with hands-on off-screen activities, such as counting real objects, playing with number blocks, and doing counting activities in the everyday environment. ⚠️