MATHPUP 2 – Math Adventure

MathPup 2 is the mathematical adventure (Math Adventure) online, an educational game that combines solving operations with adventure game. Help the dog to choose his strategy, selecting the operation to solve (jump on the mushrooms to move the cursor) and collect the numbers on the screen that are solutions to the calculations. Use the arrow keys or the on-screen buttons to move left, right and jump. Press the up arrow twice to double jump. When you jump over the mushrooms, the next problem in the list will appear. The blue mushrooms are for single use only. Once all the numbers are correctly placed, the exit key will appear. Get it to open the exit, collect the key and then take MathPup to the exit. Are you stuck on a level or do you need help? You can click the Video button in the main menu to watch a video showing you how to play and how to beat all the levels. You can also activate the No Danger Mode to reduce the dangers found in each level.

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MATHPUP 2 – Math Adventure
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