Logical Theatre Nums

Logical Theatre Nums is the online maths game in the theatre to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with 3 levels of difficulty. It is a maths trainer for two reasons: you have a timer, and about 9 seconds to solve each maths operation. Depending on the time you take to answer, the average is calculated, combined with your efficiency, if you answer correctly. And on the other hand you have distractions, some actors and actresses pass by in the middle of the operations and can distract you: Michael Jackson, the characters from Game of Thrones, a ballerina or a bear on a scooter. You will have to concentrate on the maths and get the calculations right as fast as you can. At the end you will get a final score, which you can play to beat. In addition, while you play, you will be able to see your progress with a visual graph with green or red dots depending on whether you answer the operations correctly in each sequence. An indie maths game, by Rumata Lab, with the original title "Logical Theatre Nums".

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Logical Theatre Nums
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