Finding Factors of a Number
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Playing: Finding Factors of a Number on COKOGAMES


Decompose a Number into Factors, or find the divisors, is an online maths game in which you have to play against the computer or another friend to find the numbers into which a given number decomposes factorially. Study the divisors of a given number in this game of finding the factors or divisors of another number. The goal is to get more squares of your colour than your opponent, who may be the CPU or a friend. Propose a number to your opponent so that it can be broken down into factors or divisors, but be careful, you must have at least one number available so that it can be broken down, otherwise you will lose your turn. The player who colours the most squares of his own colour wins the game. Think of a strategy to make your opponent colour as few mathematical factor squares as possible. Look for numbers that have the least number of divisors, but at least one, and that have not been used, because that square will already be coloured.

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