Feed the Monster with Addition and Subtraction
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Playing: Feed the Monster with Addition and Subtraction on COKOGAMES


Feed the monster with additions and subtractions is the interactive online math activity in which you have to evaluate some additions and subtractions with numbers from 1 to 10, practicing reading comprehension, and feed the monster with the operations whose result is the one the monster asks for. If the monster asks you for additions and subtractions that give 5 as the result of the operation, check the additions and subtractions above, and drag to the monster's mouth all those that meet the equality to feed it. If you complete all the operations, you can move to the next level of the fun online math game with the hungry monster. Practice simple, single-digit addition and subtraction with this feed the monster math game. Click on the settings wheel to select the operations to practice, and study addition, subtraction or both at the same time.

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