FARMINGTON: Game like Hay Day

Farmington is the online game similar to Hay Day (SuperCell's fantastic game to create your farm), but in a reduced version, which has a high educational value despite its fun interface. The game consists of managing a farm, with the land for planting cereal, the orchard for planting fruits and vegetables and the rest of the space for raising animals. Children can approach the world of agriculture and livestock with this farm game, with animals and orchard, and observe the wealth they generate and the process of food production. If they ask you for flour, you must have enough wheat to grind it. You can sell the wheat or use it in livestock feed. Plant potatoes or raise chickens for eggs.  Use the production for seeds and sell the surplus. A fun farm game that can have a high educational value if you make a good proposal.

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FARMINGTON: Game like Hay Day
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