EXCAVATOR Simulator Game Online

Excavator simulator game online is a driving simulator game in which you will get to experience a day in the life of a truck driver. In this online game, your driving skills will be put to the test as you will have to drive through some of the toughest terrain you have ever seen. The main objective of this game is to deliver construction materials to construction sites. For this task, your driving skills will have to be sharp and you will have to stay focused, as even a small mistake could cost you your cargo. You will have to maneuver an excavator to load your truck. This task can be challenging, but if you're focused, it can be done. Once your truck is full, you'll need to drive to the construction site, where you'll need to carefully dump what you're carrying into a designated spot. Truck Instructions:

  • WASD / Arrows - Drive.
  • Mouse - Control the camera
  • Space - Hand Brake
  • E - Tipping
  • F - Switch between vehicles
Instructions for the excavator:
  • F - Switch between vehicles
  • Mouse - Control the camera
  • E - Switch between driving and digging
Driving mode:
  • WASD/Arrow keys Drive.
  • X/C- Bucket arm
  • V/B- Bucket tilt
Digging mode:
  • Arrow keys left/right - Swing
  • Up/Down arrows- Move Hold
  • V to open the bucket

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EXCAVATOR Simulator Game Online
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