EINSTEIN’S PYRAMID: Euros € (additions and subtractions with decimals)

Einstein's pyramid game with euros, an online game of addition and subtraction with amounts of money, which consists of making calculations with amounts in Euros to complete Einstein's pyramid. In this pyramid, the only existing rule is that the two amounts of the consecutive boxes below must add up to the amount above, in the box superimposed on both base boxes. This rule must be fulfilled by all the squares of the pyramid. By doing addition and subtraction and using logic to apply the pyramid rule, you will be able to solve all the quantities in the pyramid, where each number is the sum of the two numbers below it. Game of addition and subtraction of decimal numbers, with money in Euros, which are learned in mathematics from 10 years old in primary school.

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EINSTEIN’S PYRAMID: Euros € (additions and subtractions with decimals)
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