Interactive Equation of a Straight Line and Slope

Interactive Equation of a Straight Line and Slope, with the graphical representation for first-order equations (lines), is an interactive activity to play online and learn about lines and the graphical representation of a first-order equation. The aim is to locate two points and construct a line that passes through them. As only two points in the plane are enough to construct a straight line, place the two points wherever you want, observe their X and Y coordinates, and analyse the equation of the line that is formed from these coordinates. Also analyse the slope, which can be positive or negative. Learn what the slope of the line is, the slope-intercept equation form and the point-slope form, as well as the graphical representation of the line. Test your knowledge in the final game. Review the coordinates in the XY plane in this interactive line equation game.

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Interactive Equation of a Straight Line and Slope
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