DOTS and BOXES Online

Dots and boxes is the online game that consists of painting a line with the aim of closing squares and painting them in your colour. In this online timbiriche game you can play against the CPU or two players, alternately taking turns. Paint one line at a time to try to paint the squares, boxes or dots in your colour. The board is a matrix of dots and you have to choose the line to paint, so that when it is your opponent's turn, you can't close too many boxes. Closing a box gives the player the right to paint another line. Here are the steps to play Dots and Boxes:

  1. Select the number of players (1 is for playing against the computer).
  2. Take turns connecting two adjacent dots with a horizontal or vertical line.
  3. The game ends when all the boxes on the grid have been completed. The player with the most boxes wins
  4. If both players have the same number of boxes, the game is considered a tie.
Additional tips for playing Dots and Boxes:
  • Be aware of your opponent's moves and try to block them from completing boxes.
  • Look for opportunities to create two or more boxes at once.
Overall, Dots and Boxes is a fun and challenging game that requires strategy and planning.

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DOTS and BOXES Online
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