DIY Christmas Crafts

Online Christmas crafts game. Play using everyday objects, such as jars, glue, eggs, glitter... to make DIY (do it yourself) Christmas decorations. The magical Christmas is just around the corner. But the real magic is the one we make with our own hands. Join the cute princesses and make this holiday season unforgettable. First, we'll make fake snow with cornmeal and shaving foam. Then, with the snow, we will decorate the jar, turning it into a wonderful Christmas lamp. Christmas should not only be beautiful, it should also be delicious! So, the next step is to make a wonderful glazed Christmas gingerbread. And finally, we will give new life to old things. Using regular socks, the princesses will show you how to make a cute Christmas gnome - and give it a magical Christmas!

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DIY Christmas Crafts
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