At age 4, children continue to develop their skills in different areas of learning. Here are some ideas of concepts and skills that children this age can learn:

What do 4-year-olds learn?

  • Language: At age 4, children can improve their ability to communicate verbally and can follow more complex instructions. They can learn new words and phrases, and improve their listening comprehension and ability to express themselves clearly and coherently.
  • Alphabet: 4-year-olds can begin to learn the letters of the alphabet and their associated sounds. They can learn to recognize and name uppercase and lowercase letters, and can begin to relate letters to words and objects in their environment.
  • Math: At this age, children can learn about numbers and counting beyond 10. They can learn to recognize and write numbers, and understand basic math concepts such as addition and subtraction with small numbers. They can also begin to learn about more complex geometric shapes.
  • Visual Discrimination: 4-year-olds can continue to improve their ability to recognize and compare shapes, colors, and sizes. They can learn about more complex patterns and sequences, and can engage in sorting and classifying activities.
  • Attention: 4-year-olds can develop an increased ability to pay attention and concentrate on activities. They can follow longer directions and complete more complex tasks. However, they may still need support to maintain their attention in longer or more difficult activities.
  • Society: At age 4, children can continue to learn about social rules and norms, such as respecting others, sharing, waiting their turn, and using appropriate language. They can learn to interact with peers in more complex ways and develop social skills, such as empathy and conflict resolution.
  • Computer Science: Although the use of technology may be limited for young children, at age 4 they can begin to learn basic computer concepts, such as using a computer or tablet in a supervised manner, learning to use educational apps or age-appropriate interactive games.
  • Natural science: 4-year-olds can learn about the natural world around them, such as animals, plants and natural phenomena. They can engage in observation, exploration and experimentation activities to learn about basic natural science concepts, such as weather, the water cycle, and wild and domestic animals.

It is important to keep in mind that children learn at their own pace and that proper support and guidance from parents, caregivers and educators are essential in this learning process.