ANIMAL PIANO for Kids Online

Piano with animal sounds online, for children, with the fundamental musical notes, DO RE MI FA SOL LA SI, but in the English system of musical notation (C, D, E, F, G, A, B). Choose the sound for this animal piano: bird, chicken, cat, dog, grasshopper, duckling or cow and listen to the piano with an animal sound. An interactive game of auditory stimulation, to learn about the piano and the concept of musical tone, with the help of some funny animals with sounds characteristic of their species. TO PLAY: use the mouse and click on each key or use the keyboard by clicking on the row of letters: ASDFGHJK to make the keys sound. This way, you can play several keys at the same time (musical chords).

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ANIMAL PIANO for Kids Online
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    Wow iam iamSannas fan
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  • Emma_plays

    This game made me so happy today because the piano is so fun

    What do you think guys I have a YouTube channel called Emma on roblox

    Sub to my channel its amazing and my sis is iamsanna she has a YouTube channel called iamsannaToo and iamsanna

    • I love Emma_plays

      Hi iam the big fan of you.You are the best sister to Sanna and moody and jelly and sunny .



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