Animal Coloring Pages Online
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Playing: Animal Coloring Pages Online on COKOGAMES


Online animal coloring pages is a game for little kids to learn how to color. This drawing book only allows painting with the paint pot tool, so it is an activity for very young children. Children must choose the color on the right side. They can slide the paint pots up and down to see the full range of colors available. Once they choose the color by clicking, they only need to apply the color to the region of the drawing they have chosen. This coloring book contains online coloring pictures of animals such as bee, bear, elephant, chameleon, cat, fox, hedgehog, cow, lion, monkey, pig, penguin, panda, rabbit, owl, peacock, snail, squirrel, seal, zebra, tiger or turtle. You can also see the name of the animal in English and hear its pronunciation.

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