Addition To 10 Color By Number
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Playing: Addition To 10 Color By Number on COKOGAMES


Addition To 10 Color By Number. Online colouring game to add up to 10, an educational and interactive activity to add, subtract and review maths. Paint a picture solving the addition/subtraction and applying the correct colour according to the number and colour guide. Add, choose the colour, and apply to the areas that result in that number to paint the picture completely. Check if you have coloured the drawing well, that is, if you have done all the sums well with this educational game of colouring by adding and subtracting at the same time. Choose the operation(s) you want to practise by clicking on the settings button.

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  • Justys

    I think this game was very realy helpful because the only thing i know is addition and subtraction not division and multiplication.



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