ABC CONNECT: Match 3 Game

ABC Connect, match 3, is an interactive activity with letters of the alphabet. Identify and connect the letters of the alphabet that are the same and adjacent, horizontally, vertically and also obliquely. Click or touch a letter and without releasing the mouse, draw the connection or chain with other identical letters, making sure that the chain is as long as possible and connects as many of the same letters as possible. An educational game to know and learn the letters, to work motor skills and coordination in children, and to visualize the connections of equal elements. You can also learn the colors, since each letter is associated with a different color. To play at a higher level, see the instructions below in English: make chains of the letters in order and then try to make sure there is no A so that the next letter of the alphabet appears. Meet the objectives that are asked for.

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ABC CONNECT: Match 3 Game
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