Abacus: Combined Operations Visualization

Abacus game for counting beads, which can be used to visualise combined operations, i.e. groupings of numbers (addition and multiplication) and the order needed to perform the addition. Determining the number of balls in this abacus maths activity means simplifying the operation: determine the number of groups of 5 balls, multiply 5 by the number of groups and add the remaining number of balls, a number less than 5. Groups of 10 balls (complete rows on the abacus), groups of 5 and groups of less than 5 balls can also be determined. In these combined operations, addition and multiplication of sets of 10, 5 and less than 5 are practised. It can be suitable for practising with 10-12 year olds to see these combined operations. In case of using it for counting, it can be used from the age of 4 years.

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Abacus: Combined Operations Visualization
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