The 3 Pandas online games are platform games, point and click type, with many levels in which you face challenges or puzzles. To play you just have to click to generate movement. Manage the three panda bears, one small, one medium and one tall. You can manage each bear independently but the 3 pandas must work as a team to solve the challenges or puzzles in these unblocked 3 Pandas games fun to use your head.

What is a FRIV game?

A FRIV game is an instant game, and it can be played without downloading, quickly, in any device, and whose objective is fleeting entertainment, without the intention of saving game data for medium-term purposes. They are easy games to play, even if they are not always simple. They are a guarantee to have a good time testing the senses and skills of all kinds of players, more or less experts. The game theme can be action, adventure, sports or even cooking a recipe.