Mosaic Coloring by Letters


Mosaic Coloring by Letters for kindergarten and primary school children, with which they can review the letters of the alphabet in a fun way. From the age of 3, the first letters begin to be identified, so it can be a suitable game for 3, 4 or 5 years old. The game helps to recognize the letters, differentiate them from different letters and point out their equals. A game also to play "same or different". With this game you can learn to use a legend, which relates each letter with a color to color the mosaic. Find out what picture is hidden under the mosaic. Identify whether it is an animal, a plant or an object by correctly coloring the pixels containing letters. 

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Mosaic Coloring by Letters
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  • hope wright

    I love your games but I would like if you would upgrade dodge challenger games.



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