Football Math Games

Football Math Games

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Stimulating children’s learning nowadays is a challenge that parents and teachers must take up. Finding new and stimulating ways to learn has a way in the digital sphere, a method that also provides other skills such as digital competences.

Searching for topics that may interest children is an interesting matter. Some of the most interesting topics found on this website are the Pacman game, dinosaurs, racing and competition games and football games.

In this regard, on Cokogames we have some games that mix football and maths, specifically penalty shoot-outs to stimulate the learning of addition and multiplication, two fundamental operations to acquire the minimum numerical skills.

Below we show these football and maths games, with penalty shoot-outs, to play and learn with free online games:

Maths Penalty Shoot-out

Maths Penalty Shoot-out. Educational math penalty game. Choose the correct result of each proposed two-digit sum to score a goal for the goalkeeper. Every 3

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