Blinky’s world: sports

Blinky's world: sports, coding game to play online. Play with Blinky, the robot that you must program to collect all the objects related to sports. Collect balls, balls, cones... from sports such as badminton, baseball or football. Program Blinky using the lines of code on the right hand side of the computer activity. Use the "walk" instruction to make Blinky take a step, and indicate to his right the direction: up, down, left or right. Use the counter, with the plus and minus buttons, to set the number of repetitions Blinky will do in the loop. For example, you can program the robot to move 4 squares to the right by indicating the number 4 on the counter. Add another line for Blinky to move in a different direction, a different number of squares, in order to collect all the sports objects.

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Blinky’s world: sports
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