NUMBER SEQUENCES: Completing Number Series

NUMBER SEQUENCES: Complete Number Series is the online math game to deduce the pattern of the sequence and write the number to go in the unknown. Reason the logic and the law or rule of each number sequence. The first sequences are arithmetic, very simple. However, in later levels things get more complicated and you will have to be patient and dedicate time to think of possible solutions, make hypotheses and test your solutions in the geometric sequences. In case you feel defeated and do not know how to solve it, click on the hand to observe the logic. This will subtract points and above all, it will bring you less value. We recommend that you hold out for a long time and deduce these numerical series by yourself, even if it takes you days to do so. Deduce if the sequences are arithmetic or geometric, seeing the relationship between the numbers, and deducing if the jump is due to an addition or subtraction (arithmetic sequence), or to a multiplication or division (geometric sequence).

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NUMBER SEQUENCES: Completing Number Series
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