Mini Metro Game Online

Mini Metro Game Online

Mini Metro game online to play for free on the web without downloading any APP. Build subway lines, set up stations and use the carriages to transport subway customers, who travel from one station to another. Stretch the lines so that they are efficient, and do not accumulate a lot of people waiting on the platforms of the metro stations. Decide which element you need to improve performance in your subway line simulator: a new station, a train or a transport line. The goal of the game is to keep the flow of passengers and avoid congestion at the stations.

How to play MiniMetro?

  • You must build subway routes by connecting stations with lines. Drag the cursor over the stations and then click on an adjacent station to create a subway route.
  • As the city grows, new stations will appear and you will have to adjust your routes to accommodate them. You'll also need to add new trains and subway lines to handle the increase in passengers.

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Mini Metro Game Online
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